Thanks and Gifting

Becky Corrigan

With packed work and school schedules, holiday travel usually isn't possible for our brood.  Glad to know local friends who “adopt” us for a day, or even for the season. Others are ready for holiday travel, to visit friends and family miles, or days, away.

Casserole Dish with Trivet

Whether visiting home or abroad, we all have the same challenge: what should I bring? 

Past years, we've brought the hosts a little something to show our thanks for their hospitality.  One year it was sparkling cider, another time, a dish to share, or salty snacks for the kids.  This year, I’d like to bring something different to show our appreciation. Some thanks with some real giving to it (no pun intended).  You know: a really special hostess/host gift.  

So, how about an accent piece to add to the holiday décor? Soothing spa products to relax with after a long day? Snacks to go along with the football viewing? Yikes! How do I decide?

Heartfelt Thank you Gift Basket

Leave it to my boss: she found another great way to combine thanks & gifting – with our new gift baskets!  

Thanksgiving Gourmet LargeDebuting on our site this week, these bountiful baskets are sure to please!  Here's just a few to choose from: 

-- Say "Thanks a Million" with our Heartfelt Thank you Gift Basket

 -- Celebrate the blessings of the season with our Thanksgiving Gourmet Basket.

Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket - Large

-- Give that armchair ref a reason for a time out with our Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket!

Now, all I have to do is figure out which one I like.  This one?  Or how 'bout that one?  Or...

By the way, look for these -- and more -- in our Gift Baskets Collection.

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