January: the Month of Giving Back

Becky Corrigan

I'm not making any resolutions for 2014.  Don’t know about yours, but mine are usually “pie crust promises: easily made, easily broken.”

How ‘bout a new trend instead?  Lemme see... November's the month we count our blessings -- a different thing to be thankful for each day.  December's the month of celebrations -- whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s a season of giving gifts, gathering with those we love, tons of feasting and fun!  

Then there's January.  Happy New Year!  And then back to work, back to school, back to the diet, the exercise plan, the stack of mounting bills, the gloomy winter weather, and you’re tired, tired, tired…  Gotta getta betta plan, January.  

How about January as Giveaway Month No, no, no.  Not giving back all those gifts you got and didn’t want! Each day in January, find a different way to give yourself away.

How about a “how ya’ doing?” phone call to the elderly neighbor down the street?  Take a simple meal over to a busy friend and their family.  (Chicken noodle soup, anyone?)  Write a thank you note, a "way to go" note and mail it.  (Okay, email it.) Stretch a bit more and call a local group that could use a hand, even if it’s just for a few hours -- nursing home, senior center, food bank, homeless shelter...  Now that the holidays are over, December’s eager volunteers fade back into their busy schedules. Don’t we all?

Here at GetYourGiftHere.com we’ll be celebrating Giveaway Month all through the month of January.  Yes, we will continue our Giveaway Sweepstakes (hope you entered our $100 Gift Card Giveaway in December!!).

As part of our Giveaway Month, each of our GYGH employees will be continuing our tradition of giving to others: volunteering at a nursing home, with special needs adults, with a local gymnastics group, on a college campus, the list goes on.  So, how about you?  You'll find you'll receive far more than you'll ever give away...

So what can you do?  Check our Facebook page for daily Giveaway Month ideas and GYGH staff Giveaway projects!  Another idea:  Partner with GYGH to support local charities in our 

Happy New Year and Happy Giveaway Month!

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