Shake off the Winter Blues with Giveback January!

Becky Corrigan

Cold, gloomy weather got you down?  January doldrums set in?  

Shake off the winter blues with Giveback January!  It's the month for giving back, paying it forward, saying “I appreciate you”. Here’s a great way to get started:

Gift CardsSign up to purchase GYGH Gift Cards at a 10% Discount all through the month of January and GYGH will give 10% of these Gift Card Sales proceeds to national charities!

How does it work? Sign up, and you'll immediately get a coupon to purchase GYGH gift cards at a 10% discount throughout the month of January 2014.  

For example, use your coupon to purchase a $100 Gift Card for $90. At the end of the month, we’ll give $10 to local charities.

So, the more GYGH Gift Cards you buy, the more you'll save, and the more you’ll be helping us to give away!

Feeling better already?  We thought you would!

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