What To Get Her: A Guy's Guide To Valentine Gift Giving

Becky Corrigan

Okay, guys. It just hit you -- Valentine's Day is how soon??!  

Frozen to the spot at the thought?  Brain a total blank? Fear not!  Here are five tips to thaw out the brain freeze and get you started on your quest for just the right gift and the perfect Valentine's Day together:

1. Know your lady.  (Great place to start!)  Is she a fashionista?  Earth-bound? Sports-minded?  Classy?  Rule of thumb: if she wouldn't be caught dead wearing it / using it, forget it!  For help with specifics, try asking her besty. She'll be glad to let you in on what your honey's been pining after.   

2. Know your budget.  Don't skimp; lovely gift items are available at all price ranges.  Can't afford custom cut diamond anniversary ring?  Try one in dazzling cubic zirconia (CZ) instead. Designer chocolates designed to empty your wallet?  A gift basket of treats just-right-for-sharing can make for a delightful evening instead. Word to the wise: if she's worth your love, she's worth your wallet.

3. Know your schedule.  Advance planning will assure she's the first priority of Valentine's Day. (Of every day, actually!) Adjust your work schedule now to assure you'll be available to celebrate with your valentine! 

4. Know your relationship.  Remember why you fell in love in the first place?  Together, take time to relive those sweet memories... and make a few new ones this Valentine's Day.  

5. Know the little things that make her fall in love with you all over again!  Admit it: you've got that mental list already, just put it into action! Leave a love note on her pillow, get her favorite latte for coffee break, send her a hot and heavy text... The rewards, as they say, are priceless!

Hmmm... choosing that special gift and rekindling romance may not be as hard as you think!

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