"I won't wear it unless it's REAL gold." Really??

Becky Corrigan
Overheard recently: “I won’t wear it unless it’s REAL gold.”  
Really?  Chances are, what you’re wearing is real gold.  It’s just not pure gold.  And frankly, you may not want to wear pure gold. Confused?  Let me explain. 
24k gold.  Now this is gold.  Pure gold.
However, there are some drawbacks.  For example, if the diamond jewelry we want is set in 24k gold, the cost would be, as they say, ‘outta here!’.  Even if we could afford 24k jewelry, it’s not for everyday wear, by a long shot.  It’s more likely to dent, ding, and scratch.  Why?  According to the experts, the purer the gold content, the less durable the metal.  That means that pure gold is too soft to use to mount gemstones.  It must be mixed with other metals in order to harden it.  
So what’s gold jewelry really made of?
  • 18k gold.  According to jewelry experts at Zales.com, 18K gold is 75% gold and 25% other metals.

  • 14k gold. represents 58.5% gold mixed 41.5% other metals.

Any gold jewelry -- white or yellow in color -- is an amalgam -- a mixture -- of gold and other metals. The higher the karat (k), the higher concentration of pure gold in a piece of jewelry.  The higher the price, as well.  
The bottom line?  That necklace / ring / bracelet that you’re wearing is gold.  Real gold.
Coming up -  Part 2: White Gold and Rhodium Bonding

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