“I won’t wear it unless it’s REAL Gold” Part 2

Becky Corrigan

So What about “White” Gold with Rhodium Bonding?  Is it real gold?  Or not?

Gold jewelry (18k and lower) is actually a mixture -- an alloy -- of gold plus other metals.  Metals commonly combined to give this metal its warm and glow are a fine tuned mix of copper, silver, and pure gold.  As you know, gold is rated by karat (k).  The higher the karat, the higher percentage of gold. 

As for white gold, it’s also real gold.  It is also an alloy, getting its color from silver-hued metals, usually nickel, silver, or palladium, a member of the Platinum family.  

Unlike “yellow” gold, white gold has an extra something to gives it that characteristic shimmer and shine.  A thin layer of rhodium, another member of the platinum family, is often bonded to white gold jewelry, giving the metal an extra boost of shine, durability, and protection.

So is the jewelry we offer gold?  Real gold?  


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