Dedicated to the One I Love

Becky Corrigan

Remember the radio DJs that would take song dedications on a Saturday night?  "Sendin' this one out to..." whomever was your main squeeze that week.  Anonymously, of course!

Dedicated to the One I Love...  

If you're like me, today's dedications may never make the pages of a steamy novel, but they can still make someone's day extra-special. There's the ol' sticky note on the sandwich bag trick.  Or the finger-traced message on the steamy mirror.  Or the extra brownie in the lunch bag, just because.                                   

Now that it's almost Valentine's Day, what's your plan?  Nah, you don't have to tell me. Doesn't have to be fancy.  Just a reminder that you're still crazy about them.  A sticky note, a text, maybe even a card sent by snail mail.  To your spouse.  A faraway friend. To your rebellious teen.  


Dedicated to the One I Love.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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