Entertaining Presidential Style!

Becky Corrigan

This Presidents’ Day, who wouldn’t want to entertain like a First Lady?  


Truth be told, I love a good celebration as much as the next gal.  But between fam, job, and life in general, my house is usually in ruins (figuratively, anyway!). Just don’t have the “oomph” to have folks over, much less offer more than hot dogs and baked beans. 

Ever read about First Lady Dolley Madison? In the early 1800s, she was the toast of Washington society. “The hostess with the mostest”!  During one party, it was famously stated, “Everybody loves Mrs. Madison.”  What a gal!  

Listen to this: “During the War of 1812, she returned to find the mansion in ruins. Undaunted by temporary quarters, she entertained as skillfully as ever.” (www.whitehouse.org)  Really?  Had to look a little closer at this gal.

It’s true.  In 1812, British troops torched the White House, yet when she returned to D.C., Dolley went back to entertaining all of Washington.  “As skillfully as ever.”  No mention of menus, china, decor.  Only Dolley’s hospitality.

So, this Presidents’ Day, in the spirit of First Lady Dolley Madison, may it be our goal to simply be hospitable.  A few dust bunnies won’t hurt anyone.  China and silver?  Nah.  Pull out the paper plates.  Hot dogs and baked beans?  Who cares!  Come on over and let’s celebrate, Presidential Style!  Happy Presidents’ Day!


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