Bridesmaids Bounty: Shopping for the Gals

Becky Corrigan

No matter what, they've been right there for you. Through thick and thin. It’s what good friends do.

So, how do you say “thanks” to these really good friends -- your bridesmaids?  Should you give a single gift or a basketful? Some thoughts to keep in mind:

1. Celebrate Each Individual: they’re as unique as your friendship with each of them. Your gourmet-loving friend may enjoy a restaurant gift card while the fashionista would appreciate the latest designer clutch. Rather give them all the same gift? Remember how different they are and consider a treasure that they’d all enjoy.

2. Celebrate Your Friendship with special items for each one. Frame those crazy photos from Girls’ Night Out! Fashion jewelry they all love! How about a reprise on that wine you all raved about?  A DVD of the movie everyone howled over. Make those special memories last forever!

3. Celebrate Your Time Together. Fill your own spa baskets with yummy chocolates, lavish lotions, glitzy nail polish, bath salts, loofah and more!  How about cozy bathrobes and flip-flops for the gals to snuggle in while getting their wedding day ‘dos. Strapped for time?  Order robes and pre-made gift baskets ahead of time and have them delivered to the bridesmaids’ rooms for when they arrive for the big weekend.

4. Celebrate Your Wedding with a special remembrance of the day. A silver-embossed paperweight? Not! Consider wedding accessories to accent each bridesmaid's dress.  CZ pendants are gorgeous on the gals.  Or perhaps personalized jewelry, like our monogrammed necklaces.  Or a charm bracelet, engraved with your wedding date.  Whatever you choose, the gals will love it more if the piece has a longer shelf-life than just for the wedding ceremony.

5. Finally, don't forget to Celebrate Each Moment of your wedding celebration with these lifelong friends!  


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