Lantern Lit Weddings

Becky Corrigan

 Loving the trend towards Lantern Lit Weddings!  All shapes, sizes, and uses to consider:

 For Your Bridesmaids - small lanterns bedecked with ribbon and flowers  serve as their bouquet and double for table decor.

 Down the Aisle - simply candle-lit, lanterns can illumine the path for the  bridal party or light the way to your reception celebration.

 Reception Centerpieces - Surround them with a ring of flowers and  ferns, or display them filled to overflowing with blossoms!

 Hanging by a Thread - or two! Lanterns can be hung from tree branches  or the ceiling for night-lit reception ambiance

 Group Different Sizes - Around the room, the pool, or a garden pathway,  lanterns set the stage for a dazzling display.

 So many more ideas than we have room to list!  Check out our Pinterest  Boards for inspiration!

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