What To Do About His Mother? (her present, that is!)

Katie Taylor

 As a mother of boys, I’ll  forever be Mother of the  Groom.  Fine with me!  As  a former wedding  coordinator, I've helped  more brides plan weddings  than I can count.

 So what to get for his   mom? Brides want it to be  a special something, not  too little, not too much. So  how do you know “just  right” for when you see it?  While you’re looking, here  are some ideas to start  with:

A personal note is always appreciated!  Take time to thank his mom for her love, care, and nurturing of the man you love.  He wouldn't be the wonderful guy he is without her investment!

A special remembrance.  A gold initial pendant, a framed photo of the groom’s dance with his mother, or an album of special wedding moments will be enjoyed for years to come.

A night out - without you!  Here’s an idea: give mom a restaurant gift certificate for a night out with her son.  Set the date for a few months after your honeymoon and give mother and son a couple of hours to catch up.  (You can always plan to meet them for dessert!)

Whatever you choose, remember it IS the thought that counts!  


Because You're Special Gift Basket


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