How are you Celebrating Spring?

Becky Corrigan

Now that it's March 20th, it's time to put Ol' Man Winter on official notice: Good-bye and Good Riddance!  It's time to celebrate Spring!  

Store that snow shovel, get rid of the galoshes, and try these ideas:

  • Have a Early Backyard BBQ. Call your buddies and let them know that the grill’s loaded, BBQ tools in hand, and the s'mores ready to go.  It’s time for a party!

  • Welcome Back the Warmth With a Living Room Luau -- even if it’s still chilly outside.  Invite guests leave snow gear at home and come in their flashiest Hawaiian togs! Show a vintage beach blanket flic, hand out the flower leis, and serenade your guests with a ukulele concert!

  • Try your hand a gardening on your windowsill.  Don’t have a green thumb?  No problem!  It’s as simple as putting root veggies into a shallow dish of water and watching the buds begin.  (More details in an upcoming blog.)

So how are you celebrating?

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