Bring Spring Indoors with a Tabletop Garden

Becky Corrigan


Bring a bit of spring to your windowsill with a tabletop garden.  Best of all, it won't take long to enjoy the results of this quick project!

  • Start with produce you have on hand.  Potatoes, beets, carrots, garlic, or herbs will work.  (If you're like me, they may already be sprouting in produce bin...) Fresh veggies are the best, by the way.

  • Cut the veggies in half and rinse well.

  • Place the cut surface in a shallow dish of water, or suspend it with toothpicks in a glass of water.  

  • Change the water every few days to keep your garden fresh.  After roots appear, transplant your garden into a decorative container to encourage growth.

Speaking of pots and planting, I'm partial to our Butterfly Teacup Planter or the Botanical Garden Planter Trio.  A lovely way to bring celebrate Spring inside or out!

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