Easter Gift Guide for the Grandkids

Becky Corrigan

Easter’s only weeks away. Time for new spring outfits, egg hunts, baking, and fun!

Thinking about a special Easter gifts for the grandkids? Any kid will tell you -- there’s nothing better than an Easter basket chock-full of candy! However, if you’ve got an ‘in’ with the Easter Bunny, you may want to consider adding a few gifts that are a bit longer-lasting. (I call dibs on the chocolate bunny ears!)

  • Family Games - the More Fun & Games Gift Box has classic games the whole fam can enjoy: Old Maid, Dominos, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and more
  • Active Games - Get ‘em moving games such as disc golf, bocce, croquet, or good ol’ ball and catch can get those kids off the couch and movin’ in the spring air!
  • Books and Comics - Remember what you loved as a kid? Find your favs at your local bookstore or even a thrift store and share the fun! Comics are a great way to inspire a reluctant reader!
  • Ol’ Time Toys - Colorful tops, ball and jacks, bubble wands, marbles are all making a comeback with kids. And, they’re lots of fun, as well! 
When you’ve finished adding a few things to that Easter basket, don’t forget the final surprise: get out and play with the grands! Enjoy!

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