April Fools’ Day Whoppers

Becky Corrigan

Happy April Fools' Day!

Here are a few whoppers that really got folks going on April Fools’ Day through the years:

1957: On April 1st, the BBC broadcast a story about a bumper crop of spaghetti in Switzerland and showed folks harvesting the pasta from trees. Callers flooded the station wanting to know where they could purchase their very own spaghetti bush!

1996: In full-page newspaper ads, Taco Bell declared its intention to help defray the National Debt - - by purchasing and renaming a national icon. What was it? (groans appropriate here) The Taco Liberty Bell.  

2013: Google announced the first-ever internet searches by smell. They called the “scent” capabilities and all-new “Aromabase” Google Nose!


If you try to top these April Fools’ Day pranks (be nice!), let us know how they turn out!

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