Easter with the Neighbors

Becky Corrigan

You know, it never hurts to ask your neighbors to join the Easter fun.  It just might make history.

Years back, kids in our Nation’s capital celebrated Easter by having egg rolling parties.  Yep, rolling colorful, hard-boiled eggs down a steep hill.  It was great fun for the kids but left the angry landowner with a muddy, egg-covered mess of a yard. No big deal, right?  Not when Uncle Sam owned it and the lawn of choice was Capitol Hill! As a result, back in 1876, Congress passed a law making it illegal for folks to use the Capitol grounds as a playground. Bummer.

In 1878, several young boys asked their neighbor, President Rutherford B. Hayes, if they could use his backyard hill for their Easter fun. The congenial President agreed and opened the White House lawn to the boys as well as to any children who wanted to come.  Voila! The White House Easter Egg Roll had begun!

Now in its 136th year, the annual Easter Monday event is so popular that thousands of tickets are given out via a lottery over a month in advance. This year’s party will be filled with storytelling, live music, sports events, cooking stations, and Easter egg rolling, of course.

By the way, this premium White House event is for kids only.  Adults may attend, but only if they are accompanied by a child.  And only one adult per child, please.   

Now that’s an Easter celebration the neighborhood kids will be proud of!  (All 30,000 of ‘em!)

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