Tea and Sympathy

Katie Taylor



When dear friends, hundreds of miles away, faces major illness, hardship, or worse yet, a tragedy, first on my mind is hopping a plane to be there for them.  Not always practical, is it? These days, I so appreciate electronic chats, texts, and the hours-long phone calls.

Wish I could do more, though, to offer comfort only a friend can give. Like a “cup of tea and a long chat” type of comfort. Since time and distance won’t allow it right now, I’ve got a few ideas that will send a “smile across the miles”...

  • Just to show that I care, recently I sent a dear friend the “Friendship” LED Press Flower Candle. This lightly-scented vanilla flameless candle is accented in real pressed flowers in tints of tan, lavender, and orange.  She loved it!
  • Another family we know are grieving the loss of a loved one after a lengthy illness. Thinking of sending the Gift of Grace Sympathy Gift Basket with an assortment of herbal tea, sweet confections, and encouraging meditations for those quiet times of grief.
  • For our friend who’d love a pick-me-up, the A Cup Of Joe Coffee Gift Basketmay just hit the spot.  It’s filled with coffee, chocolate, and more chocolate -- my idea of the ultimate comfort food!

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