Date Night Boredom Busters

Becky Corrigan

Date Night + Boredom Busters: How did those two phrases get in the same blog?  It’s when you’re glad to be out of the house with your honey, but you’re just too doggone tired / busy / stressed to plan a creative night out.  

Need some fresh Date Night Ideas? Try these:

  • Garden Stroll: Visit a local garden or arboretum. Go when the crowds are light for the best “couple times.” Better yet, spring for a yearly membership and enjoy throughout the year for a fraction of the cost of a single day ticket. Where to find ‘em?  Click here to find a state-by-state list, compliments of our friends at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Dress Up and Dance: Who cares if you have two left feet?  Just get out there and move!  Ballroom, Tango, Disco, Swing!  Classes are offered at local clubs, colleges, and community centers and often for pennies on the dollar.  Great exercise, too!

  • Date Night In: Your favorite Chinese takeout, a new-release DVD, and the kids at a sleepover.  Now that’s a date night!  By the way, if there’s no kids' sleepover on the calendar, put one on it!  Get with another family and swap sleepover dates. Great for both couples!

  • Coffee Time: If your spouse works swing shift (as mine does at times) and together time is at a premium, meet for a Coffee Time date at your own kitchen counter.  My honey and I may be a bit groggy, but we still get to enjoy some catch-up time together and have our morning cuppa at the same time.  Hey, at least it’s a date!


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