Pink or Blue, a Baby is Due!

Tish Benjamin



There are few occasions in life as momentous as the birth of a new baby. Everyone wants to get in on the joy and honor the new little one and the new parents with special gifts. It can be confusing to know what to give and when to give it. To make the celebration simpler, try these tips on baby gift-giving etiquette.


Baby Showers

Be it a gathering of gal pals, a family party or an office luncheon, a baby shower is a time of celebration. Since showers usually take place one to two months prior to the due date, they are the perfect time to help mom and dad accumulate all the practical items they will need. Consider teaming up with a group of friends or coworkers to purchase one large item, such as a stroller or crib. Gift baskets that combine practical items, such as shampoo, comb and brush sets and manicure sets can also serve as great shower gifts. The Sweet Baby of Mine New Baby Basket is a perfect shower gift, because it includes a book of handy parenting tips for mom and dad. However, don’t rely on attending a baby shower to give your gift. Some new parents choose to skip the traditional shower, and showers are often held only for first babies.


The First Visit

Who can resist a whiff of new baby scent or a cuddle with a chubby newborn? The first time you meet the little one is an excellent time to give a gift to the family. If you've already attended a shower, you may choose to bring a small token rather than a full-scale gift. By the time the new addition arrives, the family will have already spent nine months preparing and will probably have all the baby basics. Instead, give a sentimental gift that will help them remember this time. Right now, mom and dad are falling head over heels for their little one's tiny fingers and toes. The Our Precious Baby New Baby Carrier includes a footprint kit, perfect for preserving the moment. However, as much as you want to meet the new baby, remember that this is a busy, exhausting time for the parents. Consider skipping the hospital visit, and be sure to call the parents before stopping by the home.


Parents’ First Day Back to Work

After a blissful first few months with baby, many moms and dads struggle with returning to the realities of work. Make the day a little smoother with a sweet present delivered to the office. The A Baby Is Heaven Sent Gift Basket contains a small photo item that will let parents keep a few photos of their sweet one right at their desk and ready to show off at a moment’s notice.


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