August is Romance Awareness Month

Tish Benjamin



While most people think of spring as the perfect time for romance, you might be surprised to learn that August is Romance Awareness Month. It's the perfect time to put a little extra effort into your relationship and show your partner how much you care. The month has already started, so that means you're running out of time if you want to celebrate Romance Awareness Month. You don't want to settle for waxy chocolates from the drugstore!


Many people head to the florist when they want to be romantic -- or even to apologize -- but flowers eventually wilt. A scented candle may not look as appealing as flowers from the florist, but will more-than-likely last longer and smell just as good. The Red Hot Romance Gel Candle isn't rose scented, but it's just as sweet with its floating hearts and cinnamon sent.


A gift basket is a great idea for your spouse or partner, too. Romantic gift baskets like the Romantic Massage Romance Gift Basket includes lovely smelling massage products so you can physically and emotionally connect with an intimate massage. Whether you're giving or receiving, you're sure to feel the stress melt away.


Lovers who really want to make an impression can light candles in the bathroom, spread synthetic rose petals on the floor and play soft music for their loved ones. In fact, the Heart To Heart Couples Romance Gift Basket contains almost all of the things you need for that special night. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of special memories, which will show your partner that you're still romantic after all these years. If you're in a new relationship, a show of romantic affection can help ensure it becomes a relationship that makes it through the years.


Often times, loved ones simply want to know they're still cared about, so making a little time for romance shows that your relationship is as strong as it ever was. You don't have to go completely out of your way to leave a positive, loving impact.


Romance Awareness Month is also a great time to celebrate your employees. Give them a little time off for a date night or send corporate gift baskets that they can take home and enjoy with their partners.

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