Love is in the Air: Wedding Decor

Katie Taylor

This is the time of year when people get ready to celebrate love.  My husband and I just finished celebrating our 5th Anniversary this January 19th and so we are definitely thinking about romance.  

Valentine's Day is around the corner (February 14th for those who may be procrastinating making plans for special alone time with their beau )  Plus, it's also the time of year when people start planning for weddings.  In fact, one of the things I love about my job as a personal shopper with Get Your Gift Here  is hearing how people are using our gifts to share their love with others.  

So, I was delighted when I got a call from a young lady helping her sister to plan a wedding.  The call went something like this...  Customer: "I just finished ordering your Ivory Baroque Chandeliers and I forgot to add another item to the order."  
Personal Shopper: "Great, I just love helping people find what they are looking for" (I know you shouldn't end a written sentence with the word "for" but that's what was said). 
Personal Shopper: " What occasion are you shopping?"
Customer: "I'm helping my sister to plan her wedding and I want to buy 2 Romance Floor Lanterns, then I'll probably purchase some more later".  
Personal Shopper: "Well, I said, let me check the inventory stock report for those items to make sure we have enough in stock....There are 300 in stock at the manufacturer but while that sounds like a lot, that is all there are in the entire country so be sure to order soon to ensure the numbers you need".  
What are you plans for setting a romantic scene? Which of our items are your favorites or could you see using to help celebrate your love for that special someone?

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