Love is Everywhere: Wedding Décor, Part 2

Becky Corrigan


Love is everywhere!  In posts and Pinterest boards all over the web, you’re sharing inspiration for your ideal celebration of love – and so many of the wedding décor items you’re re-posting are from this site!  Thanks for spreading the word about!  

I’m excited to see the innovative ways you’re making our gift ideas your ownTop ideas that brides are sharing include creative uses of our candle lanterns:  for reception centerpieces, bridesmaids’ gifts, and as home décor items on the bride’s gift registry, even as accent pieces in an elegant bathroom re-do!

One bride shared the enchanting idea of using candle lanterns instead of the traditional unity tapers. During the wedding procession, both her mother and mother-in-law carried a candle lantern and then placed them on matching candle stands at the aisle’s end.  For the unity candle lighting ceremony, the bride and groom drew their mothers' candles from the lanterns to light their own lantern, signifying the beginning of their life together. 

Our Romance Floor LanternLacy Cutout Floor Lantern or Metal Floor Lantern can help you achieve this same lovely effect during your wedding ceremony and do double-duty as a decorative accent at the reception to follow. Check them out in our candle store!

Looking for a tabletop unity candle?  Our Ivory Elegance Candelabra or Tuscan Candle Centerpiece accented with your wedding flowers, can serve as a wedding unity candle and later, as a lovely addition to your home décor. Finally, be sure to order early to ensure the best selection - whatever the occasion.  And check back often!  We're continually adding new items just right for gift giving, special occasions, and for gracious living.



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