Rustic Wedding Decor: Top Five Trends

Becky Corrigan

Just got back from a dear friend’s wedding.  Picture-perfect ceremony, loving couple, delightful reception, fun with friends.  In all, a great weekend away!  So, what makes weddings so appealing?   The romance?  The good time?  Well, yes.  But beyond the obvious, it’s the wedding planning I like.  Theme, flowers, decor, reception.  (Used to be a wedding planner, folks.  It’s now embedded in my DNA...)  

Looking for ideas yourself?  One theme popped out to us lately: Rustic Wedding Decor. Refreshing and whimsical, homespun yet elegant.  Take a look at the top five trends we found for this outside-of-the-box wedding theme:

Wagon Wheel Bench1.  Wagon Wheels. Whether vintage antiques or modern copies, wagon wheels are center stage when adorning “save the date” cards and invitations, as a showcase for floral arrangements, or as a tree-hung chandelier to illuminate an evening reception.  Try flea markets, second-hand stores, or antique shops to score an authentic version.  None to be found?  Garden centers and online retailers carry modern yet rustic wagon wheel-themed planters, water fountains, or garden wagons.  Add florals and these are a great stand-in for vintage pieces.

Cowboy Boots Planter2.  Cowboy boots.  (Who’d have guessed?)  What a treat to the eye these are when peeking out from under a wedding gown!  For a fun twist, try the whole bridal party in matching cowboy boots along with formal wear.  Overflowing with wildflowers, cowboy boot planters can line the aisle rather than candle lanterns.  These boots may be made for walking, ropin’, and ridin’, but they sure look good as a table centerpiece, circled by diy candle lanterns.  Why not put our Cowboy Barn Birdhouse into action?  Flanked by flower-filled mason jars, the birdhouse could do double duty as a rustic-themed table centerpiece and a take-home favor for a few fortunate guests.

Amber Diamond Candle Lantern3.  Mason jars.  With an added wrap of burlap and lace, these versatile gems have tons of wedding uses.  As flower vases, centerpieces, candle lanterns, place card holders, drinking glasses to toast the happy couple, and more.  Our nephew’s wedding featured special take-home treats in mini Mason jars: handcrafted and home-canned fruit jam.  Mmmmm!  After toting five jars home (one for each of us), breakfast toast at our house was delicious for weeks afterward!   

4.  Featured textiles.  Burlap and lace.  Calico and raffia.  Ribbons and hemp.  Satin and leather.  Tie up a bouquet, use as a backdrop, rethink bridesmaids dresses (add those cowboy boots!), accent reception centerpieces.  How about a wedding arch draped with colorful calico strips and dotted with laced-wrapped mini bouquets?  Whimsical delight!  

5.  Wood and Metal.  One cool part about rustic decor is that it’s all about re-purposing yesterday’s trash into tomorrow’s treasures.  A banged-up metal pitcher is now a vintage vase with a natural botanical bouquet.  Find a discarded wooden dresser? Easy diy distressing can transform it into a bar for cocktail hour wines and munchies.  How about a tree trunk for the cake table?  Add a few Mason jar candle lanterns to a "tree slice" plus a wine bottle vase of wildflowers for a lovely rustic centerpiece.  A section of old garden fence doubles as a backdrop for photo booth photos.  Recycled wine barrels can be flanked with discarded wooden boards for serving tables with rustic panache.  

The ideas are endless (and I’m running out of room!).

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