Christmas in July?? You bet!

Becky Corrigan

Today’s another scorcher!  How hot is it?  This summer, friends who tell me they’re “always cold” -- aren’t. That’s too hot!  

Wait a minute.  Instead of bemoaning triple-digit temps, let’s talk Christmas instead. (Don’t you feel cooler already?)  

Christmas Tree Cupcake Candle"Wonder how a “Christmas in July” backyard bash would go over,? I thought to myself earlier today. So, I polled the expert of the family -- our teenage son. “What would you like if we had a ‘Christmas in July’ party?”, I cheerily asked.

“Presents," was his quick reply.

I walked into that one.   

Homespun Santa Tealight Lantern Figurine

Rather than recreate the December family traditions July-style, why not make new ones?    

  • Decorate the house!  (Forget the tree this time.)  Simple accents can set the mood.  Pull out seasonal tealight holders, put out decorative place mats, a Santa figurine or two.  
  • Throw a Christmas movie marathon costume party.  Award prizes for the cutest Rudolph, authentic Santa, etc.  Best dressed gets dibs on the first movie choice!

  • Invite your neighbors over for a Christmas carol sing.  In the air-conditioning, of course!  Serve hot fudge sundaes and save the hot cocoa for December. 
  • Light a scented jar candle like Cinnamon Roll, Snickerdoodles, and Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Folks will think you've been doing your holiday baking -- without the heat!      
  • Have a snowman building contest.  With marshmallows!  Vanilla icing “glue” and and candy features, rather than carrots and coal.    
  • Or, try this fav from our house: make gingerbread houses the fast way.  (No firing up the oven for this one.)  Graham crackers, tub icing, and lots of candy (any kind!) and imagination can result in a fun, edible dwelling for those marshmallow snowmen.
Just one more thing. Before you start planning your own cool Yule celebration, take a look at the bargains in our “Christmas in July” sales collection.  Tree decorations, tealight holders, figurines, and our boss' new favorite: the Holiday Heel Wine HolderActually, we like it as much as she does!  Check it out!  And a Merry Christmas (in July), to all!



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