Low Budget, High Impact: Boys Room Redo

Becky Corrigan

When it comes to redoing bedrooms for the boys in your life, try these low budget, high impact ideas:

No More Little Boy Blue:  Interested in a look that will last through the teen years?  Cool, cream-colored walls can be the canvas with darker accents, such as a black nightstand, desk, and throw pillows.  If your guy asks for bold and brassy in the paint line, try one wall in that “different” hue rather than commit to four walls of it. How about an off-beat orange (for the local hockey team) or a grassy green with brown trim.  (They have to live with it, they may as well like it!)

Creative License:  Put their ideas to work. Or better yet, put them to work on their own ideas!  One of our sons turned his bedroom door into a collage display of sports pics, bumper stickers, and magazine cut-outs. (Thought his father was the only artist in the fam!) Rather than see the handwriting on the walls (literally), try chalkboard paint or large size, write on, “cling” decals for a place to put notes, quotes, and doodles around the room instead of traditional wall hangings.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose:  Rather than hanging that bathroom wall cabinet in the bathroom, use it as a bedroom display area for sports awards, collectibles, baseball caps, lanyards, and such. How about replacing the closet door with window sheers rescued from Aunt Mary’s thrift store donation pile?  For the younger set, a discarded play wagon and a coat of paint could equal “the book wagon” for books they love to read before bed.

Simple Touches: When time and money are in short supply, simple is king.  Here are some other top trends to try:

Jungle Jam: Have a roarin' good time when you add some storage trunks, world maps, and maybe even elephant wall decor to make a jungle-themed room.  The safari starts here!  

Nautical and Nice: Pirates may rule the high seas, but a more nautical theme could help your matey's bedroom sail through the teen years, too. Navy and sailor white, plus recycled items from the boat yard like flags, safety rings, life preservers, recycled rope, and of course, boats of all kinds! 

Home on the Range: What boy wouldn’t like a cowboy room?  One creative blogger made “cowboy beds” for her boys simply by adding rope and discarded horseshoes to the sides of the bunk beds. Spruce up the rest of the room with rustic metal stars, party-type cowboy hats, recycled bandannas, etc.  

These low budget, high impact ideas are only just a start.  Let us know what you come up with!  We'd love to hear from you!  

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