Kids of any age will love this adorable gift. The useful basket if filled with birthday wishes and treats. The super soft teddy bear has a cupcake with a candle that lights up as he sings "Happy Birthday" and he blows it out at the end of the song.

Item # SG3978      UPC # 737080929173

Gift Set Includes :
  • Happy Birthday Bear,
  • Happy Birthday Mug,
  • Walker Shortbread Cookies,
  • Ahmad Tea,
  • Mochi Chocolate Mocha Latte,
  • Gourmet Village Chocolate Cake-in-a-Mug inside a 14" reusable real Willow Basket.

Please note: Occasionally, the availability of individual basket items may be limited. As a result, item substitutions of an equal value may be necessary in order to create and present a custom gift that will delight your recipient. Thank you for your understanding.