Part of playing house is keeping things sparkling clean! This pretend play cleaning set lets kids spray, squirt, squeegee, scour, and scrub using either real water or their imaginations.

  • The spray bottle, scouring powder can, and soap bottle can be filled with water, making it perfect as a bath toy.
  • The nine-piece set also includes supplies to keep things shining like a soft cloth, a scrub brush, a sponge, and a rubber-tipped squeegee!
  • There's even a reusable checklist that helps kids learn what items work best to clean different household objects and areas.
  • All of the supplies store neatly in the durable caddy with a built-in handle for easy toting.
  • Promotes fine and gross motor skills and encourages imaginative play.
  • Not for use with real cleaning materials.
  • Item # MDG8602   UPC # 000772086028