Luxury from head to toe! This stylish wood chest with pull out drawer is filled with spa essentials in designer style. Your skin will enjoy the feeling of the shea butter soap, body wash and lotion. Your nose will appreciate the lovely aroma of the travel candle, while the glass soap dish adds a decorative design to your sink. And, since no spa day is complete without some foot care, we also include a pair of ultra comfortable slide sandals that compliment the design. Available in 4 sizes.

Gift Set Includes:

  • Lotus Leaf Lotion,
  • Lotus Leaf Shower Body Wash,
  • Lotus Leaf Travel Candle Tin,
  • Lotus Leaf Large Bath Soap Bar,
  • Lotus Leaf Glass Soap Dish,
  • Designed Slide-On Sandal,
  • Wood Box With Drawer.
Item#  UPC# Size
SG4121 737080930636 Medium
SG4122  737080930643 Large
SG4123 737080930650 Extra Large
SG4124 737080930667  Small