A stylish way to show how much you care. This classic attache case is filled with a delicious selection of Gluten-Free treats and coffees and has a lovely "Thinking of You" 16 oz coffee mug that sends "Warm Wishes" to them everyday. A perfect "thinking of you" gift idea for friends, family, co-workers or anyone that's on your mind.

Item # SG3937  UPC # 737080928763

Gift Set Includes :
  • Wood Attache Case,
  • Walker's Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie,
  • Warm Wishes/Thinking of you Mug,
  • Barista's Best cappuccino,
  • Comfort Collection Colombia Coffee,
  • Wolfgang Puck European Style Coffee,
  • Coffee Masters Perfect Potful,
  • Lucy's Lemon Goodness Gluten Free Cookies,
  • Kind Dark Chocolate Chunk Bar,
  • Mini Gluten Free Pizza with Pretzels,
  • Espresso Chippers the Bark with the Bite,
  • Gourmet Drizzled Popcorn Mini with Bow.

Please note: Occasionally, the availability of individual basket items may be limited. As a result, item substitutions of an equal value may be necessary in order to create and present a custom gift that will delight your recipient. Thank you for your understanding.