Surprise your loved ones with a grand indulgence of savory and sweet by getting them our gourmet treasure basket with a personalized cheese spreader. Each gourmet item carries an assortment of savory goodies and treats that will certainly delight any recipient. Among them include gourmet cheese, nuts, crackers, wine and a variety of exquisite goodies.The package also comes with a personalized cheese spreader for easy sharing of the gift.This tasteful custom gift is perfect for celebrating any occasion/event with friends and family or corporate clients. Presented in a beautiful, brass-detailed keepsake chest, you'll continue to use it long after the delicacies have been consumed making it a treasure to behold.Celebrate your loved ones with gourmet edibles and savory treats to suit any occasion. Any way you like it, you'll find it in this spectacular gourmet treasure basket. Place your orders today!

Item # SG4572 UPC # 737080923775  Dimensions : 10 x 7 x 11.5 Weight : 5.9 lbs

  • Please note: Occasionally, the availability of individual basket items may be limited. As a result, item substitutions of an equal value may be necessary in order to create and present a custom gift that will delight your recipient. Thank you for your understanding.