Wouldn't life be easier with a few minions to help get things done? This classic attache case is filled with a delicious selection of Gluten-Free treats and coffees and has a whimsical "Evil Genius at Work" 16 oz coffee mug that laments that there is "so much to do, so few minions to do it" The perfect coffee themed gift idea for the Evil Genius in your life!             

Item# SG3915              UPC# 737080928367

Coffee Gift Set Includes:

  • Evil Genius /Minions 16 oz Mug,
  • Wood Attache Case,
  • Comfort Collection Colombian Coffee,
  • Wolfgang-Puck European Style Coffee,
  • Barista's Best Cappuccino Gold,
  • Godiva Coffee Chocolate Truffle Gold,
  • Coffee Masters Perfect Potfuls,
  • Mini Gluten Free Pizza with Pretzels,
  • Espresso Chippers the Bark with the Bite,
  • Gourmet Drizzled Popcorn Mini with Bow,
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk,
  • Walkers Shortbread Finger Cookies,
  • Fountain Street Hot Fudge Brownie

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